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Oil Well Pump Tracking is a dedicated web service that provides a full range of resources for both oil companies and pump supply stores.

Our services include:

  • Oil well pump tracking
  • Sales ticket management
  • Inventory control
  • History tracking (pumps and parts)
  • Full data analysis with integrated charting

Our service is completely web based, eliminating the need for costly software installation and maintenance. Our web based service also allows for continual data collaboration between pump stores and oil companies.

Data Tracking

Record and track any amount of data to fit your company’s needs. Utilize our data analysis and charting tools for in-depth reporting, including failure analysis and general information charts. Track wells, well conditions, pumps, parts, and more...

Data Tracking 1 Data Tracking 2

Data Analysis

Create custom analysis reports to find areas that could be improved. Use our advanced data grid to drill down and find trends in large and small data sets alike.

Data Analysis

Analysis Charting

Create custom graphs and charts that are highly integrated within your data analysis results. Easily create visual snapshots of failure trends, cost trends, and more.

Analysis Chart 1

Inventory Control

We provide two levels of inventory tracking: Pump Inventory and Part Inventory.
Both levels of inventory are highly integrated within our system. Pump Inventory allows you to quickly run new and/or used pumps into your wells. In the same way, Part Inventory will run new and/or used parts on your pumps.
RPT automatically creates a history trail, allowing you to view inventoried items and their detailed history at any time in their life cycle.

And More...

  • Service report attachments (pictures, etc.)
  • Contact management
  • Custom parts list
  • Customized service report layouts
  • Custom worksheets
  • Data templates
  • Smart data entry
  • Access for your customers